Udaipur One Way Taxi Service

Best Prices One Way Taxi Cab Service in Udaipur

Udaipur One Way Taxi Cab Service

Kabira Tours is a well-known taxi service provider that offers one-way taxi services at affordable and economical prices across Udaipur, Rajasthan.

In this fast-paced technology world, there is no need to pay a fare for both sides when you need a car or taxi for one side. This is possible only with Kabira Tours as they charge a minimum ride rate for one-way. Also, the taxi-service providers don’t have to bear any losses as they get another customer in return. So, it is a win-win for customers and taxi service.

KabiraTours offers a hassle-free experience to customers during the trip of One Way Taxi Service in Udaipur, this is one of the reasons that differentiate us from the crowd and make our company one of the leading car rental agencies in the city. We are happy to announce that we offer distinctive cab services that include outstation and sightseeing car rental packages.

Customers can book a cab within a split second as our main aim is to offer them better services so they come to us again and again. We tailored our taxi services according to customer preference so that they get all comfort in travelling. We have a team of professional, enthusiastic, and talented people that greet customers with marvellous manners. We not only take care of transportation accessibility for citizens of Udaipur but also keep an eye to offer hassle-free and economical taxi services to our commuters.

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One Way Taxi Service Offered At Kabira Tours

Kabira Tours has different packages for outstation car rental and sightseeing car rental under the One Way Taxi Service in Udaipur. We offer one-way taxi services in different routes including Udaipur to Jaipur one-way taxi, Udaipur to Jodhpur one way taxi, Udaipur to Bhilwara one-way taxi, Udaipur to Ahmedabad Delhi/U.P./M.P one way taxi.

You can take advantage of our one-way taxi service 24*7. We also offer pickup and drop (airport) facilities from anywhere in Udaipur, Rajasthan. We have availability of different fleets of cars including Sedan, Prime, SUV, XUV, hatchbacks, and MUV. For the convenience of travellers, the pickup service facility is available in odd-timing including midnight.

The cab facilities may vary as it depends on air-conditioning, the number of seats, and the type of cab you are looking for the trip. This gives flexibility to commuters as they can choose any fleet of cars according to their budget, convenience, and preference. We must take care of three things – comfort, convenience, and safety during the trips as our main priority to make our passenger’s trip memorable. 

Our prices of cab bookings are schedule based – book earlier and avail the benefit of better prices. We will be in touch with our customers even and after the trip. Our Customer helpline is available for 24 hours and 7 days as we are always ready to help users whenever they need any kind of assistance.

We will be in touch with our customers even after the trip to give them a feeling that we care about them and inform them about the upcoming discounted trips. Road Trips are always planned for thrill, excitement, and fun as this is the only source of enjoyment. We give assurance of safety during the trip.

Udaipur City to Jaipur One Way Cab/Taxi Services

Many of the people need a one-way taxi service from Udaipur to Jaipur for different purposes like business, holiday and office. If you are in search of a convenient and reliable mode of taxi service then contact Kabira Tours for commuting from Udaipur to Jaipur. Our main purpose is to satisfy customer needs so we try every best possible manner to keep them happy and we give them an opportunity to relax before reaching their destination Jaipur.

Booking a one-way taxi or cab from Udaipur to Jaipur seems to be a cumbersome task as local operators don’t get ready easily for this. But, with Kabira Tours you can book a one-way taxi or cab from Udaipur to Jaipur at affordable and standard rates.

Udaipur to Jaipur is a journey of 400 km which approximately takes 6.5 hours to reach to destination and this time may vary depending on traffic conditions. Our top priority is to drop customers to their destination with safety and we are best in class and reliable taxi or cab service providers and ensure a safe trip.

Car TaxiTotal Fare
Sedan 4+1 (Etios, Dzire, Xcent)INR 4,800/-
SUV 6+1 (Ertiga)INR 5,900/-
SUV 7+1 (Innova, Marazzo)INR 6,900
SUV 7+1 (Crysta)INR 7,900/-
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Udaipur To Jodhpur City One Way Car\Taxi\Cab Services

One Way Taxi is one of the best options from Udaipur to Jodhpur for commuters who want to go to Jodhpur. The best part is that our driver picks you up from your preferred location anywhere in Udaipur. For sure, this is not a shared cab as it is dedicatedly booked only for you. Under the service of One Way Cab/Taxi, we would offer the pickup facility from Udaipur(airport/station/home) and drop off to Jodhpur City. We are available for 24 hours and 7 days and confirmation of booking is provided instantly to customers.

The car rental packages of Udaipur to Jodhpur for one way are meant in such a manner so that customers can avail up additional benefits by just paying only way drop off charges. So what you are waiting for, Hurry Up! Grab the opportunity before it ends.

Car TaxiTotal Fare
Sedan 4+1 (Etios, Dzire, Xcent)INR 3,500/-
SUV 6+1 (Ertiga)INR 4,800/-
SUV 7+1 (Innova, Marazzo)INR 5,250/-
SUV 7+1 (Crysta)INR 5,500/-
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One Way Taxi Service from Udaipur City To Bhilwara

Travellers who are looking for a cab or taxi for one way from Udaipur to Bhilwara then must call Kabira Tours as they pick you from Udaipur city and drop you off at Bhilwara city. With just one call, you can book a cab or taxi and the Tour Company gives you instant confirmation of booking by providing the details of cab and driver. We are available to serve the car rental services to customers for 24*7.

Bhilwara is almost 165 km far from Udaipur and takes mostly 3hours to reach by car or taxi. We ensure you for a comfortable, convenient, and safe journey. You can say to stop a car for a break at your convenience during the road trip.

Car TaxiTotal Fare
Sedan 4+1 (Etios, Dzire, Xcent)INR 2,500/-
SUV 6+1 (Ertiga)INR 3,500/-
SUV 7+1 (Innova, Marazzo)INR 3,990/-
SUV 7+1 (Crysta)INR 4,500/-

One Way Cab/Taxi Services from Udaipur To Ahmedabad

For travellers who would like to travel one way from Udaipur to Ahmedabad then a one-way taxi service is the best option for them. Our driver will land at your preferred place in Udaipur and drop you off anywhere in Ahmedabad city. No need to worry, the cab or taxi is dedicatedly booked only for you.

You can book any type of car as per your requirement for the journey from Udaipur to Ahmedabad and Kabir Tours has an easy-to-use booking interface. We will assure you of quality & reliable car rental services during the trip.

Customers can avail of additional benefits in our one-way car rental package of Udaipur to Ahmedabad as the package is designed keeping in mind the customer’s needs. Hurry Up! and avail the benefits of a one-way taxi service to grab a great deal.

Car TaxiTotal Fare
Sedan 4+1 (Etios, Dzire, Xcent)INR 3,500/-
SUV 6+1 (Ertiga)INR 4,500/-
SUV 7+1 (Innova, Marazzo)INR 5,250/-
SUV 7+1 (Crysta)INR 6,000/-
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One Way Cab/Taxi Service from Udaipur City to Delhi

Delhi is famous for both tourist and business purposes as travellers who are looking for a one-way taxi from Udaipur to Delhi you must call Kabira Tours as the touring company is offering the services only for one side at affordable and standard rates. We also offer a pick up facility from anywhere in Udaipur and a drop-off facility anywhere in Delhi. We give assurance of convenience and safe ride as our drivers are well trained and have hands-on experience of driving.

From Udaipur to Delhi, it takes almost 10 hours and 30 minutes and the time duration can vary depending on the situation of traffic and the distance between Udaipur and Delhi is 670 KM. You have many options to choose a car for booking the trip of Udaipur to Delhi. Popular cars that are available in our touring company include Sedan (Swift Dzire, Toyota Etios, Hyundai Xcent) SUV (Toyota Innova, Ertiga, Marazzo), and other luxury cars. You can take a short break anytime at your convenience during a road trip for tea snacks or lunch.

Car TaxiTotal Fare
Sedan 4+1 (Etios, Dzire, Xcent)INR 7,800/-
SUV 6+1 (Ertiga)INR 9,900/-
SUV 7+1 (Innova, Marazzo)INR 11,900/-
SUV 7+1 (Crysta)INR 13,500/-

Reasons to Choose Kabira Tours for One Way Taxi Services

We have discussed above that customer satisfaction is our main priority so at each and every stage from booking to dropping to the end destination we take care of so many things. Here are some of the reasons why you have to consider us for booking car rental services:-

Never Compromise with Quality

During the trip, we are solely responsible for commuters’ safety, security, and comfort. We take the full responsibility of commuters to drop them to their end destination safely.

Standard and Economical Prices

Our cab booking services are available at economical and stand prices; this is one of the major reasons to choose us!

Easy Booking Options

You can book a cab with just a few simple steps by availing of our online services or by dialing our contact number.

Professional & Trained Drivers

We have a team of professional and talented drivers who have hands-on experience in driving.

Transparent Billing As Per Compliacne

We follow honesty as the best policy method in our company. So the amount of the bill you have seen on screen with your eyes is only that amount you are required to pay.

Sanitized Cabs/Taxi

We strictly follow the COVID precautionary measures so our cabs are properly sanitized after each and every ride. Our drivers are vaccinated and use masks during the trip.

Fleet of Vehicles

You can choose any type of car as per your requirements. We have a sedan, hatchbacks, SUV that includes Swift Dzire, Ertiga, Eon, Brezza, etc.

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