Jaisalmer Fort

Jaisalmer Tourism: A Musical Night with Tent Tour

Rajasthan desert evening looks even more beautiful when you sit in five-star facilities tent began to get a chance to enjoy folk. Many tents are developed in Sam village that is 20 to25 km far from Jaisalmer Thar Desert. It is decorated looks like a resort. Approximately one thousand tents are developed with full convenient.

Tent Tour of Jaisalmer
Tent Tour of Jaisalmer

To attract foreign tourists, grand luxury five-star hotel facilities has given in these tents. There are many facilities provided in these tents such as ac, live barbecue, a swimming pool and private golf courses. Camel Race and Polo arrangements are preparing for tourists.

It is a wonderful world of Thar Desert. Even on the way to both sides think looked like a small village resort. The tourists stay in the desert at night is always packed but in the absence of more tourist facilities could not meet such a desire.

So about five years ago, the trend began to Tate modern facilities, which resulted in three million tourists annually now to enjoy the luxury tents are coming here. Rs 3,000-10,000 for a night’s stay in these tents. Do not mind to spend. Tent rental is determined according to the existing facility.

The construction of tents hoteliers are mostly tourists who like to make a romantic evening – like many are using. They will arrange for a candle-lit dinner on the sand dunes. Typical Rajasthani folk music evening’s tourists are drawn to the symphony.

Even the Rajasthan Desert Safari Camp Tents resort owner Upendra Singh Rathore says, “luxury tents in the desert of Jaisalmer built on sand dunes of Dubai luxury tents are being set up on the lines. To sand dunes torchlight dinner, candlelight dinner is a great demand among tourists.”