Top 11 Tourist Places to Visit in Bharatpur Rajasthan

Bharatpur Rajasthan is popular tourist place for many reasons. Bharatpur was founded by Maharaja Suraj Mal Jat in 1733. Once it was an impregnable, well-planned and well-fortified city. Tourist coming to Bharatpur will find Bharatpur tour map included in pre-independence era as it was the capital of Jat kingdom rules by Sinsinwar clan. To know more, you can book Bharatpur tour package and reach each and every famous Bharatpur destinations with us on time with excellent facilities.

Bharatpur Tourism Place
Bharatpur Tourism Place –  Deeg Fort and Palace

Bharatpur City Quick Guide for Tourist

Coordinates 27°13 ′ N 77°29 ′ E
Country India
State Rajasthan
District Bharatpur
Elevation 183 meters (600 ft)
Population 304,456 (2001)
Nearby Cities Agra
Best Time for Tour October to February

Bharatpur Tourist Places List with Brief Introduction

Though Bharatpur has dozens of beautiful sightseeing places, it is world-renowned for its Keoladeo National Park. Keoladeo National Park is a bird sanctuary to protect bird migrating from Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, China and Siberia. It is famous to provide safe and secure migration to rarely found species of Siberian Crane. We are sharing some famous places name of Bharatpur.

Keoladeo National Park

It is a famous bird sanctuary located in Rajasthan of India, it was formerly known as Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, in which thousands of rare and extinct species of birds are found.Birds of more than 200 species have made their home in India’s National Park, now it has become a major tourist spot and center where bird scientists come in the winter, This National Park is spread in about 29 sq. Km. It was declared as a sanctuary in 1956. In 1985 UNESCO was inducted into the World Heritage.

Keoladeo National Park

This National Park was built 250 years ago due to natural sloping floods in the area, Maharaj Surajmal, ruler of Bharatpur, constructed a dam has been made at the confluence of the two rivers Gambhir and Ban Ganga. Every year, a large number of tourists come to visit the popular National Park. Now  7 varieties of turtle, 50 varieties of fish and 5 varieties of amphibians in the Bharatpur National park. Many types of birds can be seen here like ordinary little ducks,  gray-colored feet ducks, wild duck, royal vulture, yellow-brown vulture, black deer, Python, sambhar, Nilgai.

To see this national park, Keoladeo can come from the tourist taxi, auto, and bus. Keoladeo Ghana National Park gives a new dimension to Bharatpur and Rajasthan tourism. Any interested tourist can take a bicycle rental at an affordable price with the permission of the garden officer.

  • Best Time to Visit: January to April & October to December
  • Open and Closing Time :06:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Entry Fees: INR 50 (Indian ) INR 400 (Overseas Tourist )
  • Distance from Bharatpur Railway Station: 5.6 km
  • Distance from Bharatpur Bus Stand: 1.7 km
  • Distance from Jaipur Airport: 186.9 km

Lohagarh Fort

Lohagarh FortThere are many such places in Rajasthan that attract tourists, one of them is the fort of Lohgarh situated in Bharatpur, it was built by Bharatpur ruler Maharaja Surajmal at the beginning of the 18th century. When he imagined such a fort, he was very strong and prepared in less money, at that time the prevalence of top and ammunition was high, so a special technique was used to build this fort.So that gunpowder shells are neutral on this wall. The fort is called as India’s only invincible fort because no one can ever win this fort.  English man too invaded 13 times with guns, but no victory for it

According to James Tod, the English historian, who wrote the history of Rajasthan, the most important feature of this fort is that despite its walls that were made from clay, winning it was not less than a hard nut to crack.

The magnificence and interesting stories of the fort bring tourists to Bharatpur, which has different status in the Rajasthan Tourist Palace. The doors of this fort have its own unique feature, which was made of Ashta metal which was taken Alauddin Khilji from Chittorgarh, King Maharaj of Bharatpur, Jawahar Singh, was uprooted from Delhi and brought it in this fort, interesting thing about the fort. There is no trace of iron anywhere in it that on the basis of its merit, it was known as Lohgarh.

  • Best Time to Visit: January to April & October to December
  • Open and Closing Time :09:00 am to 06:00 pm
  • Entry Fees:  No entry fee
  • Distance from Bharatpur Railway Station: 2.6 km
  • Distance from Bharatpur Bus Stand: 2.7 km
  • Distance from Jaipur Airport: 189.5 km

Deeg Fort

Deeg Fort & PalaceA fort located about 35 kilometers from Bharatpur, which is situated on the edge of a canal, was built by the Jat Maharaja, it is situated at an altitude. The 8-kilometer long wall forms the boundary of this fort. It has 12 Bruj in its fort, in which Lakha Burj is the largest, situated in the north-western corner of the Fort. Surajmal Haveli built in the architectural style is an important part ,There is a garden and Deeg Mahal, situated next to Deeg Fort, this palace is a group of palaces in which the old palace, Sheesh Mahal, Surajmal Nand Bhawan, Kishan Bhawan, Keshav Bhawan, Gopal Bhav is included in main attraction point of Bharatpur visitors.

  • Best Time to Visit: January to April & October to December
  • Open and Closing Time :09:00 am to 05:00 pm
  • Entry Fees: INR 05 (Indian ) INR 100 (Overseas Tourist )
  • Distance from Bharatpur Railway Station:  34.8 km
  • Distance from Bharatpur Bus Stand:  37.9 km
  • Distance from Jaipur Airport:  219.1 km

Government Museum

Government Museum BharatpurThe Government Museum situated inside Lohgarh fort is a major tourist attraction in Bharatpur. This museum exhibits the historical property of Bharatpur, which is a museum which was once the administrative section of the rulers of Bharatpur.

The museum was built by Maharaja Balwant Singh during the 19th century. This museum has a rare collection of ancient sculptures, coins, inscriptions, decorative art objects and weapons used by the Jat rulers, in this art gallery of Litho Papers, mica and pepper leaves are shown, this museum is close to the main bus stand & railway station. Visitors who arrived at the Bharatpur Tour can get access to the museum in which car taxi, auto-rickshaw, and other private vehicles.

  • Best Time to Visit: January to April & October to December
  • Open and Closing Time :10:00 am to 05:00 pm
  • Entry Fees: INR 05 (Indian ) INR 50 (Overseas Tourist )
  • Distance from Bharatpur Railway Station: 2.3 km
  • Distance from Bharatpur Bus Stand: 2.4 km
  • Distance from Jaipur Airport: 188.3 km

Here are the details of other famous places:

  • Golbagh Palace
  • Moti Mahal
  • Laxmi Vilas Palace
  • Jawahar Burj
  • Fateh Burj
  • Vishwapriya Shastri park
  • Nehru Park

Nearby Tourist Places

  • Deeg Palace
  • Bayana Fort
  • Fatehpur Sikri
  • Taj Mahal

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