Top Popular Tourist Places to Visit in Ajmer City

Ajmer is the 5th largest city of Rajasthan with population of 1 million which is located in Aravali Mountains along with top tourist place.

Ajmer was established in 7th century by Ajayraj Singh Chauhan. It was the capital of Hindustan till victory of Muslim invader Muhammad of Ghor in 1193. Subsequently it became part of Delhi Sultanate but again was conquered by the Rajput Sardars and was ruled till 15th century. Eventually it was also ruled by Mughal emperors, Marathas and British in pre-independence era.

Ajmer City Quick Guide for Tourist Help

Country India
State Rajasthan
District Ajmer
Elevation 486 m (1,594 ft)
Languages Hindi, Rajasthani, English
PIN 3050 xx
Telephone code +0145
Nearest city Jaipur, Udaipur, Delhi
Nearby Cities: Jaipur (135 km.)
Udaipur (274 Km.)
Jaisalmer (439 km.)
Delhi (391 km.)
Best Time to Visit October to December

Climate: Ajmer is a hot semi-arid climate with average rain of 55 cm. annually though rain occurs in Monsoon only from June to September. Its average temperature is 30°C (86°F) in summer and 15–18°C (59–64°F) in winter season. To completely watch Ajmer tour, tourist must book their Ajmer tour guide in advance to avoid any inconvenience while visiting Ajmer tourist place. Also one must go through the Ajmer tourism packages for a better deal as there are lot of Ajmer tour guides available.

Ajmer Popular Tourist Places List To Visit

  • Baradari on Lake Anasagar
  • Soniji Ki Nasiyan
  • Lake Foysagar at sunset
  • Adhai din ka jhopra
  • Anasagar Lake

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