Jaipur Sightseeing by Car

Jaipur City Sightseeing Tour By Car: Starts @ INR 999

Jaipur Sightseeing by Car

Jaipur sightseeing tour is very unique & most popular all over the World and very easy to cover all historical places of Jaipur by car, India’s historic & oldest city, Jaipur city also known as Pink City. Mostly, travellers use the budget car or cab rental services to explore the pink city’s beauty. Jaipur city’s glorious history & tradition is very antique and tourists from all over the world come to see the famous sightseeing places and comprehend cultural heritage. This beautiful city was established by King Sawai Jai Singh of Amber. Jaipur city is prominent for its forts, Havelis, palaces and hundreds of years old markets.

Here, many exhibitions such as the Vintage Car Fair, Elephant Festival and Culture Program attract tourists from around the world to Jaipur Tourism. Tourists enjoy camel rides, balloon tours, rock climbing and elephant rides to further enhance our Jaipur tour.

Jaipur is popular in India for its delicious & spicy food and desserts such as Dal Bati Churma, Onion Kachori, Sweet, Ghawar, Mawa and Mawa Kachori so the tourists take these dishes and sweets from the street food shops made in hundreds of years old market in Jaipur and enjoy the taste of these dishes in the Chokhi Dhani resort and reflecting the Rajasthani culture and tradition. Tourists are excited about shopping in old Jaipur markets such as Nehru Market, Johari Market, Tripoliya Market, Ganagauri Bazar, MI Road, and Bapu Bazaar. They can buy Jewelry, carpets, Pottery, Sanganari Print Garments, Branded clothes, etc.

If you are planning for the Jaipur (Pink City) tour by car then you are in the right place. Kabira tours guide your tourism experiences to make your Jaipur tour fascinating and memorable and offer car taxis, auto-rickshaw, buses, and guides for Jaipur sightseeing tour.

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Kabira Tours which is a self-supporting operator based in Rajasthan offers Personal tours, Local tours, City tours and Sightseeing tours in Jaipur and the Rajasthan for couples, families and groups. Established in 2008 and with 10 years of experience, we strive to focus on an enjoyable tour experience, the utility for money and the finest services.

Planning to travel to the beautiful sites of Jaipur then Kabira Tours is available at your service since 2008.

Our well-liked Jaipur City Tours List:

Visiting Places in Jaipur 1 Day City Tour by Car

Amber  Fort – This magnificent structure was built by Raja Man Singh. It is an old fort & Main Attractions of the Jaipur Tour. Amer was the capital of the state before Jaipur. It is built in red sandstone and marble.

Hawa Mahal – It is built in 1799 by Maharaja Sawai Singh. The royal women did not see themselves, used to see Social gatherings, Procession, Fair &  everyday life. It is built of red sandstone with 950 windows.

City Palace – It Is Located in the heart of the Pink City Jaipur, Main Attraction in the city Palace is Chandra Mahal  & Mubarak Mahal, The palace is a mixture of Indian and European art and it is listed as the main visiting palace of Jaipur sightseeing.

Jantar Manar – Biggest observatories all over India. Its instruments are astrologically and mathematically set for a timely calculation & Combining science and arts.

Jal Mahal – In the middle of Man-Sarovar Lake. is a beautiful structure that was built in the 18th century. Take a Beautiful Photo.

Birla Temple – Jaipur Birla Mandir built in 1988 is a combination of ancient Hindu style and modern design built in white marble. the temple is a proud architectural landmark of Jaipur.

Gaitore – One of the most prominent tourist attractions on the Jaipur Tour. It is the royal crematorium for Rajput kings and members of the royal family Cenotaphs dedicated to various rulers. These cenotaphs are a perfect collaboration of Islamic and Hindu architecture, Of which Maharaja Jai Singh’s cenotaph is considered the most influential because it is made of white marble with complex carvings

Albert Hall (Central Museum) –  The museum was built in Sawai Madho Singh in 1886. displaying elephant teeth, carpets, sculptures, and colourful crystals in this museum. It is an example of the confluence of Indian Islamic-British art.

Kanak Garden – Located in the hills of Nahargarh, Kanak Garden was built by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh, in this beautiful landscape, with Charming fountains and a shining lake, the most popular colourful picnic spot in Jaipur.

Sanjay Museum – Research Institute is a collection of art, heritage, ancient knowledge, and manuscripts, The museum has an inexhaustible repository of articles related to Vedic literature, chemistry, astronomy, Ayurvedic, and medicine.

Jaipur Pinkcity – Prince of Wales and Queen Victoria visited India, That is why the King of Jaipur painted Jaipur with pink colour. Pink city is one of the most beautiful and attractive cities in colour, richness, and vibrant pink city, culture, architectural art, tradition, art, jewellery, and commodities are very liked by travellers.

Ram Niwas Garden – The beautiful garden was built by Maharaja Ram Singh in the 19th Century.  zoo and museum are located in the Garden. There is a chat market where different types of flavours can be enjoyed at.

Jaipur Traditional Market – You must have heard about many markets of Jaipur, but we will tell you about the traditional market of Jaipur, here you can get to buy old and traditional jewellery of Kundan as well as new Jewelry, here you can buy traditional sarees, the lehenga of Rajasthan, Lahariya stall, Jaipur Woolen shawl,  lac bangles & jewellery, printed clothes, embroidery bedsheets, gift items, and Sanganeri print bedsheets also.

Additional Attraction of Jaipur City Tour By Car

Nahargarh Fort – The pride of Jaipur city was constructed by Sawai Jai Singh, the Nahargarh Fort. The fort promotes art, culture, beauty and Rajput history. A beautiful panoramic view of the city of Jaipur can be seen here.

Jaigarh Fort – The fort was constructed to show the rich culture of Jaipur. This fort was in place of the reserves of armoury, weapons, ammunition and other war materials. The world’s largest cannon Jaybana is located in this Fort.

Sisodiya Garden – Built by Sawai Madhu Singh in 1728, this Garden is a symbol of love, it is a combination of Indian and Mughal architecture, which reflects the state of Rajputs, glorious history and folktales in a great way.

Chokhi Dhani – Chokhi Dhani is the concept of ensuring a complete Rajasthani experience by capturing the feelings of Rajasthan’s life. Experience of Rajasthani culture, real Rajasthan, village, paintings, exemplary, art, wall decoration, lamp wall, fresh air, evening show, enthusiasm, costumes, manor and it is a good example to know Rajasthani culture and traditions.

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Our Fares for Jaipur Sightseeing Tour by Car or Cab

Below, we have showcased the complete tour package cost along with total member details and vehicles.

Cost for 1 Day Jaipur Sightseeing Tour

Vehicle Name Total Amount in Rupees Total Members
Tata Indica INR 1199/- 4
Indigo, Etios, Dzire INR 1499/- 4
Innova, Tavera INR 1999/- 6 or 7
Tempo Traveller INR 3999/- 11 or 16

Cost for 2 Days Jaipur Sightseeing Tour

Vehicle Name Total Amount in Rupees Total Members
Tata Indica INR 2399 4
Indigo, Eitos, Dzire INR 2999/- 4
Innova, Tavera INR 3999/- 7 or 8
Tempo Traveller INR 7999/- 11 or 14

Cost for 3 Days Jaipur Sightseeing Tour

Vehicle Name Total Amount in Rupees Total Members
Tata Indica INR 3599 4
Indigo, Etios, Dzire INR 4499/- 4
Innova, Tavera INR 5999/- 7 or 8
Tempo Traveller INR 11999/- 11 or 16

Note: Complimentary Pick up and Drop Railway station & Bus Stand, and from Airport extra charge will be applicable. The above tour duration is for 8 hours, which you can extend. The prices can be changed during season time.

As Kabira Tours is your travel partner so this is our moral duty to give you proper suggestions before Jaipur and Rajasthan tours.

Please Remember Some Points Before Tour

  • Never purchase a product from high commission shop
  • Please do not purchase the leather product
  • Non-veg is prohibited
  • Call us if the driver forced for purchasing from any particular commission shop

Jaipur Monuments Timings With Entry Fee

Monuments with Contact Numbers Duration of Opening Entry Fee
Indian Foreign
Amber Fort – 0141 – 2530293 09.30 A.M.- 05.00 P.M INR 100 INR 500
City Palace – 0141 – 2608055 10.00 A.M.- 05.00 P.M. INR 130 INR 500
Jantar Mantar 0141 – 2610494 09.00 A.M.- 04.30 P.M. INR 50 INR 200
Albert Hall – 0141 – 2570099 09.00 A.M.- 05.00 P.M. INR 20 INR 200
Hawa Mahal – 0141 – 2618862 09.00 A.M.- 05.00 P.M. INR 50 INR 200
Jaigarh Fort – 0141 – 2671848 09.00 A.M.- 05.00 P.M. INR 100 City Palace Ticket
Nahargarh Fort – 0141 – 5148044 09.00 A.M.- 05.00 P.M. INR 50 INR 100
Museum of Indology – 0141 – 2607455 10.00 A.M.-  05.00 P.M. INR 20 INR 100
Sanjay Sharma Museum – 0141 – 2323436 09.00 A.M.- 05.00 P.M. INR 100 INR 400
Gaitor 09.00 A.M.- 05.00 P.M. INR 10 INR 50
Sarga Suli – 0141 – 2600445 09.00 A.M.- 05.00 P.M. INR 50 INR 200
Chokhi Dhani – 0141 – 5165000 06.00 P.M.- 11.00 P.M. INR 650 INR 650
Dolls Museum – 0141 – 2619369 10.00 A.M. –  05.00 PM INR 10 INR 50
Anokhi Museum – 0141 – 2680494 10.30 A.M.-  05.00 PM
Jaipur Zoo – 0141 – 2617319 09.00 A.M. – 05.00 PM INR 15 INR 150
Birla Planetarium – 0141 – 2382267 Show-11 A.M.
1,3,5,7,8 P.M. (Hindi)
6 P.M.- English
INR 40 INR 40

Animals Riding Spots with Fee Details

Riding Riding Place Riding Charges
Camel Jal Mahal INR 150
Elephant Amber Fort INR 1100
Horse Albert Museum INR 50

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